Seed Cell Trays Reusable Propagation Trays


Size: 18-512 and more

Cell Height:25-150mm

Standard Tray Size:540*280mm

Color:  Black , blue, white, customized

Function: Germination Seedling Trays

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Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram

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Plastic seedling trays are designed for efficient seedling cultivation, featuring individual slots to maximize space usage. With standard dimensions of 54*28cm, they're compatible with various seedling flats and propagation domes. These trays have uniform thickness and pressure-formed cells for durability, along with level grooves for even water distribution. The "root ribs" promote downward root growth, and stacking notches allow for easy stacking and movement. Ideal for seed germination or vegetative propagation, they also have bottom drain holes for plant root circulation and drainage.


Material HIPS
Cell 18, 28, 32, 50, 72, 100, 105, 128, 200, 288, 512 and more
Cell Style Square, Round, Quincunx, Octagon
Thickness 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.3mm.
Color Black , blue, white, customized
Feature Eco-friendly,durable,reusable, recyclable, customized
Packaging Carton, pallet
Application Outdoor, farm, greenhouse, garden center, etc
MOQ 1000pcs
Season All season
Place of Origin Shanghai, China
Standard Tray Size 540*280mm
Cell Height 25-150mm



Plastic seedling tray is a tray specially designed for the planting of seedlings, it features different individual slots to help you utilize space efficiency by separating the seeds while allowing you to plant them as close to each other as possible.
This tray allows you to cultivate seedlings until they are large enough to be transplanted into their own pots, using lesser space as compared to traditional planter boxes. The tray is designed to be bottomless, so it has to be placed of a level surface before filling with soil. This design is to facilitate the removal of the sprouts by pushing the entire soil pod out using your fingers from the bottom.

Benefits of Plastic Seedling Tray as follows:
☆ Standard dimensions 54*28cm(20*10 inch), be compatible with 1020 seedling flats and propagation domes besides special size.
☆ Pressure formed cell with uniform thickness, stronger than vacuum formed tray.
☆ Level groove at the surface that can disperse excess water evenly.
☆ The cell walls are formed with " root ribs" to help promote downward root growth.
☆ Trays available with stacking notches for quick and easy to stack and move.
☆ Drain holes are at the bottom for plant root air circulation and drainage.
☆ Ideal for seed germination or vegetative propagation.



Is the seedling tray optional?
YUBO provide 18-512 cells seedling tray for optional. Whether growing vegetables, flowers, or trees, all you can find the suitable one! If YUBO current models cannot suit for you, no worries we can offer customized services to meet customers' specific requirements, just tell us you need tray dimension, cells, net weight, our designer will help you to provide the best solution and drawing for reference!

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