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Xian Yubo New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

16 years of production and export experience. Insist “Big Brand, High Quality” as our business philosophy and quality policy.

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YuBo is committed to creating high-quality plastic products, involving logistics and transportation, agricultural seedling products, and all-round development.

Why choose Yubo

  • Our factory

Xian Yubo New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to creating comprehensive and high-quality products. Our factory has 10000 square meters, 12 set automated production lines, more than 30 high-end machines, including sheet forming machines, injection molding machines and so on. Professional quality inspection personnel conduct comprehensive control of product quality from raw materials, production, warehousing, shipment and other links, and issue inspection reports. Provide specified third-party inspection. Our rich experience and perfect equipment can provide more solutions for your needs.


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  • year

    16 years experience in plastic products development and production.
  • 2line

    Modern workshop automated production line to create high-quality products.
  • 3person

    Our professional team provides customers with the best quality service.
  • 4ok

    The products sell well all over the country and are exported to all over the world.

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What we provide

  • Committed to Sustainability
    Committed to Sustainability
    YUBO is committed to caring for the earth and protecting the environment, and we strive to achieve this commitment through sustainable development, maximizing efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. We use recyclable and environmentally friendly raw materials, and our products are designed to be reusable to reduce environmental pollution.
  • Provide customized solutions
    Provide customized solutions
    In order to best serve our customers their unique or customized needs , we provide OEM&ODM service to meet your specific needs. We have a professional development team to provide the perfect solution for your needs.
  • Multi-channel shipping
    Multi-channel shipping
    Long-term cooperation with many well-known transportation companies can provide the most comprehensive transportation method to help save transport costs and shipping time. Xi'an YUBO ensure the best shopping experience for customers.

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Are you looking for the perfect solution for your needs? Don't hesitate any longer! Xian Yubo New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. will serve you wholeheartedly with its professional team and rich experience in the plastics industry. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, we take the time to understand your unique needs and provide the most appropriate solution based on your goals. Please contact us immediately, YuBo looks forward to cooperating with you!

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