• Storage & Logistics
  • Airport Luggage Tray
  • Ag & Growing Supplies
  • Storage & Logistics

    Reduce transportation costs, ideal for logistics storage

  • Airport Luggage Tray

    Specifically designed for airport luggage transportation.

  • Ag & Growing Supplies

    Provide suitable containers for seeds

Plastic Pallet Series

Yubo offers high performance pallet in a variety of sizes and shapes. For example rack-able, nest-able, full-base, heavy-duty, reversible, etc. Applicable to various racking forklift systems, providing solutions for layered stacking of goods in your warehouse. We also provide customized services, custom color company logo, to meet all your needs. We promise to give you the best, highest performance plastic pallets.

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Xi'an Yubo New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

Our professional team with average 12 years experience provides excellent customer service to the agriculture and logistic storage communities. Full of exporting experience to services the customs from over 107 countries.

Why choose us?

We are committed to building comprehensive high quality products to meet the needs of the logistics supply chain. Our factory has 10000 square meters, automatic production line, more than 30 sets of high-end machines, including sheet molding machines, injection molding machines, etc. Our rich experience and perfect equipment can provide more solutions for your needs.

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    Office Building

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    Molding Workshop

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    Cutting Workshop

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Strong Company Qualification
  • ISO9001: 2015
    ISO9001: 2015

    Adhere to "quality first" and "customer first" policy

  • 2020 BSCI
    2020 BSCI

    Trustworthy and guaranteed company

  • Material Certification
    Material Certification

    Strictly select the best products

  • Invention Patent
    Invention Patent

    Ability and strength to develop new products

  • Environmental Management
    Environmental Management

    Safe and worry-free use

  • Honest Enterprise
    Honest Enterprise

    Iintegrity management, create famous brands

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