Indoor And Outdoor Hanging Plant Pot With Hook

Material: PP
Parts: Pot + Hook + Inner Base
Model: YBHB-150, YBHB-175, YBHB-200, YBHB-1201
Color:Black inside terracotta outside, All terracotta, Customized
Delivery Detail: Shipped in 7 days after payment
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram
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YUBO plastic hanging pots feature a sleek design with internal and external colors, including a black inner wall to shield plant roots from UV damage and enhance survival rates. The smooth, seamless inner wall allows for easy plant removal. With a strong hook capable of bearing over 25 kg, these pots offer stability when hanging. They're perfect for displaying various plants, including flowers, trailing plants, succulents, and vegetables. Made of PP material, they're lightweight and durable, making them suitable for hanging orchids and weeping plants. The pots' design maximizes space utilization in greenhouses and prevents long branches from obstructing growth. Reinforced edges prevent breakage and ensure user safety. Drain holes at the bottom facilitate proper water drainage, preventing root damage from excess water.


Material PP
Diameter 150mm, 175mm,192mm
Height 105mm, 115mm, 130mm
Color Black inside terracotta outside, All terracotta, Customized
Feature Eco-friendly, durable, reusable, recyclable, customized
Shape Round
Model TOP O.D.(mm) TOP I.D(mm) Height(mm) Net Weight(gram) Qyt/Bag(pcs) Package Size(cm)
YB-H150 145 133 100 16 600 85*40*30
YB-H175 172 157 113 22.5 500 76*44*35
YB-H200 200 185 130 30 500 85*58*20

More About The Product

YUBO plastic plant hanging pots are designed with internal and external colors, and the black inner wall can prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays to the plant root system and improve the survival rate. The inner wall is smooth and seamless, which makes it easy to remove plants. The strong hook makes the pot more stable when hanging, The hook can bear a weight of more than 25 kg. It has a good load-bearing capacity and no need to worry about falling.

Stylish anywhere in your home, these plastic hanging baskets are perfect for displaying plants, especially flowering and trailing plants, to full effect. But that doesn't mean you can't grow other plants, you can actually grow succulents and even vegetables etc.


Benefits of hanging pots as follows:
☆ It is made of PP material, which is not easy to break and has a light texture, and plants such as hanging orchids and weeping plants can be hung in plastic pots for farming.
☆ Can be used with hooks, and hanging the pot in the air gives the plant better access to air and sunlight.
☆ Effectively use the space on the upper part of the greenhouse, improve the space utilization and increase the profit.
☆ When planting plants with long branches in hanging pots, it can not only increase ornamentation, but more importantly, it will not allow long branches to be blocked from growing on a flat surface and then broken.
☆ Reinforced the edge of the hanging pot, so that the hanging pot will not break when it is used or moved.
☆ The edges are also designed to prevent cutting hands, and we care about every little detail.
☆Drain holes in the bottom, which can drain excess water from the plant, preventing too much water from blistering the roots.



What are you worried about?
The actual pot is seriously inconsistent with the publicity pic? The color is not the same?The quality is not up to standard?Xi'an YUBO relieves your worries. YUBO can offer free samples for your testing!No matter what size or color you need, we will try our best to provide it for you.Just need to pay the express fee, then you can sit at home and wait for the sample to be delivered to your door.

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