Attached Lid Container Stackable Plastic Crates

Material:100% Virgin PP
Load Capacity:30kgs
Color:Grey, Blue, Green, Yellow,Black, etc (OEM)
Delivery Detail:Shipped in 7 days after payment
Payment Terms:L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram
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YUBO's Attached Lid Containers offer unmatched convenience and durability for efficient logistics and transportation. Made from high-quality, impact-resistant plastic, these containers ensure the safety of goods during transit. Stackable and nestable, they optimize space usage and streamline the entire supply chain process, enhancing productivity and cost-effectiveness.


Product Name 63L Blue PP Attached Lid Container
External Dimension 600x400x355mm
Internal Dimension 550x380x345mm
Nested Height 85mm
Material 100% Virgin PP
Net Weight 3.30±0.2kgs
Volume 63Liter
Load Capacity 30kgs
Stack Capacity 150kgs / 5 high
Colour Grey, Blue, Green, Yellow,Black, etc (OEM color)
Lockable Yes
Stackable & Nestable Yes
Euro Box Yes

More About The Product

In the world of logistics and transportation, efficiency and convenience are key factors for success. With the constant movement of goods and products, it is essential to have appropriate packaging solutions that not only ensure the safety of the items being transported but also streamline the entire process. This is where attached lid containers come into the picture, offering unmatched convenience and revolutionizing the way goods are packed, stored, and transported.


These containers are commonly made from high-quality, impact-resistant plastic materials, making them sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of transportation and repeated use. Unlike cardboard boxes or other traditional packaging options, attached lid containers can endure rough handling, stacking, and even being dropped without compromising the safety of the goods inside. Their robustness significantly reduces the risk of damage, leading to cost savings as fewer instances of product loss or breakage occur.

Attached Lid Containers that stack when full and nest when empty will increase efficiency in your supply chain. These reusable containers are durable, reliable and perfect for manufacturing, distribution, storage, transportation, picking, and retail. By closing the lids you can protect product and also secure it with the security holes. When these storage box with attached lid are stacked, they take up considerably less space than non-nesting totes. Their standardized shape and size make it easy to arrange and stack them securely, maximizing the use of space in warehouses, trucks, and other transport vehicles. The uniformity of these containers also ensures a more organized and streamlined logistics process. Easy handling and stacking reduce labor costs and optimize time management, as they can be quickly loaded, unloaded, and rearranged. With efficient use of storage space, more items can be transported or stored in each shipment, resulting in increased productivity and cost-effectiveness.



*Durable - Tough protection and security for all of your products.
*Stackable - Ability to stack these heavy-duty stack and nest containers in tight spaces makes for an excellent solution for your shipping and plastic storage box needs.
*Nestable - Ability to stack and nest the empty plastic totes inside one another reduces wasted space when these heavy-duty industrial totes aren't in use.   When empty, saves up to 75% valuable storage space
*Easy to clean interiors-The containers with attached lids can be secured with plastic seals and transported with trolleys.



common problem:

1) Is it protect the goods in safe?
This heavy-duty hinged lid tote ensures that your products are totally protected and completely safe, with molded grip handles for easy transportation and raised lip edges for fast stacking in closed space environments. Each round trip tote includes a hasp on the handle, allowing for an easy seal with a plastic zip tie.
2) Can it match the European standard pallet?
The universal dimensions of this plastic containers with attached lids ( 600x400mm) mean it can be stacked neatly on standard-sized European pallets.

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